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You ONLY Have
30 Minutes to

to Secure Your Spot

Let’s Work Together

You Have Entered the Grid Matrix, but Your Spot is NOT Secured! You have 30 minutes to complete the steps below or you will lose your position.  
Don't let this opportunity pass you by.

There are no member fees or website fees! Simply purchase one product to get started.   

You have successfully signed up for our affiliate program.

However, the process is not complete. Carefully read the important information below. 

  1.  Click the "LOGIN" button below to log into your TSG Back-Office. 


  3. Go through the products and subscribe to one or more products you will take on a monthly basis.  Prices range from $10.00 - $100.00 (plus shipping cost).  You only need to purchase one single product to start your business. 


IMPORTANT: Make sure to use the SAME EMAIL at checkout that you used to sign-up.

After your subscription is successful you will receive an order confirmation via email and your order will begin processing. 

IMPORTANT: Check your spam folders for the Welcome Email and make sure to whitelist emails from

Need Help? Watch the Video

Questions about the process? Use the Chat option or call us at 803-832-2532 Hours 8-5 EST

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